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"Outstanding, Joeydee. The last line is the perfect bow!"
"When I read this, RECLUSIVE NEIGHBOR glows neon red atop the mountain of stuff in my brain. I just…"
"I like the structure of this short-form vignette, COB. The whole of it blurred when I read about th…"
I was riding shotgun through a cloud of khaki dust in an armored truck in Afghanistan when an appar…
"Very cool, Joeydee. It's indeed rife with possibilities. You flapper!"
White people don’t know what to do with a mango. They put it in a smoothie. Wasteful, to grind up t…
"I think I'd read this from behind caged fingers, with an escape route clearly marked. Threatens cla…"
"Having lived in such a gated community of "beige and drab" (we called it Beiging) with neighbors wh…"
"Thanks very much Joey.  You can read a synopsis of the characters in Lola Loves Richard here:
Bob Clay posted a blog post
When you’re the only crewman on board a ship that is 31.42 kilometres long, well, you do have a ten…
"I would like to read more of Lola and Richard. Without context, Lola is a tough cookie, a very cold…"
I think Lola is one tough cookie.  Although sometimes toughness can be a proxy for vulnerabil…"
“Good fences make good neighbors and boring neighborhoods.”Mr. V watches everyone.Mr. V sees everyt…
"Nor should you apologize. Amazing work, FC. Inspiring take on how one approaches life. People are l…"
"Mercy, this was chilling. Lola's apathy was a twisted, welcome surprise. "
"'I stare hard at the blacky sky and the creature stars.'
A dose of Kristine, it does for beauty wha…"

Canvas Prompt No. 174

If this ink drawing by Juan Francisco Casas pushes your buttons, spend 30 minutes with it and tell us a story. Post your entry in either the Blog or Longer Stories sections, accordingly, with your title followed by (Canvas 174).

Word Prompt 152

In 15 minutes or less, write a story using the words hyperbole, "acid trip" and stressing. Post it in the length-appropriate section, and put (Prompt 152) following your title.